Unfixed Media
In November of 2019, I was fortunate to be approached by my long-time friend and collaborator, Kimberly Warner, to get her new venture off the ground. My role on this project continues to evolve but for now, I am co-producing, editing, and sometimes filming these stories. 
Unfixed is a media production company that focuses on stories of humans living with chronic, incurable conditions. People love fixer-upper stories, miracle cures, and answers but many wake up each day without any of these. Our world needs more models for how to live a meaningful, unfixed life - a life liberated from fixed notions of how we must feel in order to live fully. Unfixed humans may be in pain but they are learning to integrate it into a larger definition of themselves. The Unfixed portfolio of projects demonstrates that living well is not about eradicating our wounds and weaknesses but understanding how they complete our identities and equip us to help others. Currently, a docu-series, mini-series, podcast, round-table webcast, and feature documentary are in production

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