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Hi friend,
I opened this doc two days ago with the intention to start writing again. But here I am, staring at a blank page and a blinking cursor. Why is everything so much harder when you take a break from it? It’s like nothing besides eating, sleeping, and pooping comes naturally to humans without significant practice. 
Even relationships need practice. All the good ones have been practiced.
Now I know there are exceptions to every rule, and I personally, am a big fan of being a contrarian. Not simply for the sake of being a pain in someone’s ass (though, admittedly, that’s kinda fun for me too) but more so because I like to examine all sides of a circumstance. I’ve learned, because life is a verb and a constant discovery, that nothing is absolute. Except for food, sleep, and poop… but see, even those things vary between each individual human and the natural world around us. Since science changes its mind every few years, “fact” is basically just what people believe until its disproved. Most facts have been through quite a few renditions of being accepted as truth, which sort of nullifies our concept of what a “fact” is… but I digress.
Anyway, this is all to say that I think we should be flexing our critical thinker muscles on the regular. It’s important to look at the situations you find yourself in somewhat objectively — from all angles. Doing this also helps with empathy, which, I feel is a human being’s most important quality.
Back to practice: I’ve come to accept that we all fall out of practice with things that are good for us or could potentially serve us, like writing… going to therapy… or exercise. This, I think, is OK. There should be a period of time that we retreat and gather new sources of inspiration. To do something else for a while. To see what it’s like to live on the other side.
If nothing more, doing something like reading the “other” side of politics, for example, will help reinforce what you believe in. On occasion, it’s healthy to be the devil’s advocate.
So anyway, if you find yourself to be a reader of this here blog thing. Cool! Thanks for joining me and my meandering thoughts! I have A LOT of them. I love writing, I want to have a place to share more of the galaxy that lives inside of me, and google tells me starting a blog is good for SEO.
So this week, I’m working on the elusive career question: what do I want? Of course, I know the answer to this question — my challenge has forever been believing I am worth it.
Yep. I’m an insecure human too. I’m releasing myself of the shame of being insecure because I’m over 30 now and I know for fact (ha!) that it happens to all of us. Yay! The best thing about the things that seem to plague the dark caverns of our mind: when you figure out how to look them square in the eyes they basically fade away. It’s magic.
Until next week... stay curious!​​​​​​​
P.s. I recommend this playlist while you're reading this or perhaps doing a bit of your own writing.
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