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Okay, so, admittedly I am the type of person to jump into something without thinking it through; or (and more commonly) knowing there will be inevitable consequences, ignoring my intuition, and proceeding directly toward the hellmouth of fire. So, forgive me. I'm bound to say something like "see ya next week" and not call for a month. I have these bright and sunny ambitions that are, frankly, thwarted by the length of time it takes to do things.
Since my last post, much has happened! The biggest and most impressive thing is that alongside my incredible co-director (Christopher Eadicicco), cast and crew, we had a very successful shoot for an unnamed (for now) client!
We had a small but agile group of people working together to make a cheeky, relatable commercial series that is slated for all digital platforms and one for national broadcast!

Mia Allen and Christopher Eadicicco, Co-Directors

Photographed by Curran Banach

I'm digging the experience of working on a film thoroughly - soup to nuts. Since pursuing work on the production side of the industry, as opposed to the talent side, I've learned the bones and rough inner-workings of nearly all of the departments required to make a film/tv show/commercial/etc. possible. This was a tactic I employed in order to redirect my default of calling myself an actor but low-key pay for my survival by slinging drinks. I figured, well if I can't control whether or not I get to be in the film, at least I'll get to be a part of making it.
So I started asking questions. I started experimenting with gear and showing up to filmmaker meetups. Because I believe that experience will inform creativity better than any textbook, I strongly pursued and eventually got a job at a production company. Yes, I was making coffee, mopping floors, and fluffing the owner's ego, but I was also shooting BTS photos, assembling production books, and landing the occasional knee-slapper with the client. Little did I know then that I was gathering the necessary information and experience I needed to start my own company. 
Alight Films began almost immediately when Chris and I decided to start working together, in 2018. We had a clear common interest aesthetically and I could tell that he, like me, is a long hauler. Pursuing a career as a filmmaker (especially a female filmmaker or a filmmaker of color) is not exactly a route for the weary or weak-hearted. Knowing that despite better judgment he was going to stick it out until he got somewhere in this business was and still is extremely comforting. If you're not familiar with our company, check us out! 
Photos © Curran Banach
We had an amazing time joining our hilarious and multi-talented friends, Ben Farmer and Megan Carver on their podcast So I Married a Cinephile (SIMAC). They watch movies and tell you if you should watch them too. Our film was Chris' all-time favorite movie... Point Break! (check out the imdb here) 
Spoiler alert: not everyone loves this movie as much as Chris does... Drama ensues! 
Listen to the podcast on Spotify or by checking the SIMAC linktree out. Don't forget to leave a review!
That's all for now folks! 
Next up: MIA TV & visiting Portland! If you're following me on IG or Twitter, I'll let you know when these posts go up! 
Until then, stay curious!

wtf is MIA TV?

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