What exactly do you do?
I struggle to find a suitable label for the various name tags I’ve worn. I’ve attempted to portmanteau my way through introductions but have found that the bigger the mouthful the longer it takes to chew. So simply, I call myself a filmmaker.
My work as a filmmaker is broad. Professionally, I work as an actor, screenwriter, producer, director, editor, and on rare occasions a photographer. I typically prefer to keep my photography as my own personal indulgence. When art becomes a business it becomes more laced with expectations. I feel that some expressions should be allowed to just ‘be’, without having to pay taxes on their existence. 
What might I hire you for?
Primarily, I work as a producer, director, actor, editor, and occasional cinematographer of commercials, narrative, and documentary filmmaking. Simply put, the work boils down to creative problem solving and that can take many shapes.
I have had the joy of working on projects and productions both large and small, tame and wild. The imagination knows no bounds and I am delighted to work with my clients to bring their vision to life.
Will you work for trade/free?
Most brilliant ideas come from broke people. Why? Because when you have limited resources, you become more creative. So, because I know and have lived this reality for most of my life, the answer is that on some occasions, yes, I will work around the demands of traditional monetary compensation.
Please present a pitch to die for though, cause I’m a busy lady. ;) 
Will you travel for work?
Absolutely. I have a passport!
What's your favorite movie?
I'm just going to come out and say it. This question blows. Everyone asks it absolutely no one can answer it! How can one subscribe to a single alternate version of reality when there are literally billions of options to choose from? 
 I love movies because they are immersive, transformative, and have the ability to open the space in the heart where humans feel empathy. 
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