balance | art film
A conversation with myself:
I am grateful for what this time, 
this COVID, 
this BLM,
this really far away,
this just another day, 
has brought to me.
It’s a quiet, a listening, 
a presence, 
extra sleep.
It’s being with my new family, 
and missing my true family, 
and growing in love-with love- with one another - because we can, 
and we’re taking necessary time to heal and breathe.
This dance of balance spoken by my hands came from the objective place of gaining wisdom.

It tells me, look back: see how you’ve struggled.
Look forward: see how you’ll struggle.
And still: find joy, light, love, prayer, and place for every single thing that makes you - you.

music: "Revolving Around Us" by Ketsa
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